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Filter.dat is the name of the file read by the FilterBathymetry tool to specify its options.

Input Bathymetry in Mohid Grid Data format

    IN_BATIM        : InputBathymetry.dat

Output Bathymetry in Mohid GridData format

    OUT_BATIM       : OutputBathymetry.dat

Check if the user wants to do an automaitc smoothing in a way that the slope of each cell is below a slope parameter

    SIGMA_SMOOTH    : 1               

Slope parameter in the bibliography this value for sigma models should be lower than 0.2

    SLOPE_PARAMETER : 0.2              

Example for filtering the intertidal area

Minimum value to be filter

    H_MIN           : -20        

Maximum value to be filter

    H_MAX           : 0