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Welcome to the 2nd Workshop in development for MOHID.



This workshop mottos are

  • Maintenance and scalability
  • Performance and parallelization


  • Date: Thursday, 21 of July
  • Place: Sala de reuniões at MARETEC, pav. Mecânica I, 1st floor, IST-UTL.
  • Wifi internet access: eduroam or eduroam-guest (login: mohiddevelopment, pass: sbyCXM).
  • Computers and software: Each participant is expected to bring their laptops with wifi, with VS 2008, Intel Fortran[\\kepler\Software] and an svn client already installed. Having already compiled the latest version of the MOHID code from codeplex is a plus.

Registered participants

  1. Guillaume
  2. Rodrigo Fernandes
  3. Isabella Scione
  4. Francisco Campuzano
  5. Pedro Chambel
  6. Paulo Chambel
  7. Madalena Santos
  8. Frank Braunchsweig
  9. Eduardo Jauch
  10. Manuela Juliano
  11. Ramiro Neves


Performance and parallelization

10:00 Status of openmp directives. Where we are? Challenges? (Guillaume Riflet)

10:20 How to develop for MOHID and not break the Openmp directives? (Guillaume Riflet)

Maintenance and extensibility

10:40 Source code management (Frank Braunschweig) Topics discussed: Libraries, programs, Tools, Compilation configurations, Supported OSes and compilers.

11:00 Code cleaning up (Frank Braunschweig) Topics: Lagrangian vs LagrangianGlobal, unused code remotion, strict memory allocation/deallocation.

11:20 Source-Code Repositories and Versioning systems (Frank Braunschweig) Topics: task attribution, bug reporting. Codeplex Vs Migrating to Other?

11:40 Continuous software integration and testing at Hidromod and at Maretec-IST. Hudson soft. (Guillaume Riflet - Maretec, Representant - Hidromod)


Performance and parallelization

15:00 Designing a parallelization strategy for the next two years (Ramiro Neves) Topics: The future of MOHID? What's the best strategy to achieve performance?

Maintenance and extensibility

17:20 Documentation and technical writing (Paulo Leitão) Topics: Professional manuals, Wiki.

17:40 How to stimulate and foster a community of MOHID developers? (Paulo Leitão) Topics: Forum, courses, workshops, conferences, seminars, documentation, tutorials, wiki, IDE, other?

Deliverable: Workshop report with guidelines, decisions, tasks definition and technical specifications due to end of week posterior to the workshop. A coordinator will be defined during the meeting.


Contacts of the organization

  • Ramiro Neves: ramiro (.) neves (at) ist (.) utl (.) pt
  • Guillaume Riflet: guillaume (.) riflet (at) ist (.) utl (.) pt, ext: 3430

Previous workshops