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Installation log


Automated LAS update of the Mercator-IST models was implemented:

  • On the host machine:
    • YYYYMMDD model property will create the xml from root_model_property.xml templates, as well as it will update the las.xml file.
    • will synchronize information between the datalist.xml maintained at and the Las regarding the mercator-IST pre-operational model, thus synchronizing the Opendap and the LAS registry.
  • On the web server machine:
    • "las.php" basically updates the Opendap registry (datalist.xml) as well as synchronizes with the LAS registry, regarding the Mercator-IST models. It also updates the LAS database and reboots the tomcat server.
    • "mercator_genlas.php" simply updates one Mercator-IST dataset into the LAS, performing the full LAS regeneration (consisting of updating the xml files, followed by the LAS database and a tomcat server reboot).


Worked out the LAS:

  • Copied the full las tree to /home/guillaume/public_html/las
  • Reconfigured the las
  • Added the following lines to httpd.conf:
ScriptAlias  /las-bin/ /home/guillaume/public_html/las/server/
Alias /las-output/ /home/guillaume/public_html/las/server/output/

<Directory "/home/guillaume/public_html/las/server">
    AllowOverride None
    Options ExecCGI
    Order allow,deny
    Allow from all
  • Un/commented the following lines in http.conf:
<IfModule mod_userdir.c>
    #UserDir disable
    UserDir public_html
  • Restarted httpd
  • performed the following permissions in /home:
> sudo chown -R guillaume:apache guillaume
> sudo chmod -R 755 guillaume
  • Restarted the las tomcat
  • Performed a simple test from /home/guillaume/public_html/las:
> bin/  -x -10:10 -y -30:-20 -z 0 -f txt -o salt.txt levitus_climatology_cdf salt



  • Added libraries netcdf libraries, manually.
  • LAS --> not working well
  • Added Samba, manually. Accessible via windows explorer through \\ Ask the administrator for a login.
  • Created a website: It contains an updated list of all the files served by the opendap server.

Unfortunately, hidromod doesn't see the pages

Corrected in:

  • php.ini --> enabled errors. Now php error pages aren't blank anymore!
  • Copied StartProfiler.php into /mediawiki as it is missing in the RPM package!
  • http.d/mediawiki.conf --> turned alias /mediawiki into /wiki.
  • mediawiki/LocalSettings.php --> changed /mediawiki into /wiki everywhere.
  • mediawiki now works! Maths too!


Obtained and copied by scp the following software list:

Created a new ethernet device on administration->network on eth0 nicknamed intranet. It sets up a static ip address at Now it is possible to roam out and in from the dmz by deactivating and activating the respective ethernet devices. This is really important when adding/updating rpm packages. Remember to switch the plugin of the ethernet cable, accordingly!

Installed the following software:

  • ferret
    • compat-libstdc++-33
    • xorg-X11-deprecated-libs

Changed the following line in the ferret_paths script with next one:

export PATH="$PATH $FER_DIR/bin" 
export PATH="$PATH:$FER_DIR/bin"
  • nxserver --> working
  • mysql
  • tomcat5 --> not running well
  • mediawiki --> not running well
    • mediawiki-math
  • dap-server-cgi
  • netcdf
  • hdf
  • hdf5


  • acquired David Brito's old machine.
  • Created a FC6 dvd.
  • Changed temporarily diogo's dvd player to now rebaptized data machine.
  • Installed FC6 on data
  • Configured network on data. It's ip is now
  • ssh test worked from guillaume.
  • apache test worked from guillaume after starting the httpd service.

I need to

  • make it automatically start the http;
  • make an init 3 level boot only;
  • install and configure samba properly;
  • install and configure VMware properly;
  • install the freeNX and nx client;
  • install webmin;
  • install netcdf;
  • install opendap;
  • install LAS.

External references