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How to get a machine into DMZ

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The objective is to make the machine available outside Maretec

  1. Connect the machine to a network point connected to DMZ (lower part in the network rack of the computer room - two network points are being used marked with black cables).
  2. Edit machine ip's to 192.168.21.x where x, is an IP available in the DMZ (see How to add an IP to the DMZ in Firewall). Give default gateway and DNS server as
  3. Go to DNS server (Copernico) and add the machine name and IP to the list >DNS>Forward Lookup Zones> (as host (A)).
  4. In Copernico use putty to connect to the firewall (user and pass in desktop text file) and do a dns restart: > sudo dnsrestart
  5. To get an instant update of the DNS do a dnsflush on the machine (Copernico): > ipconfig /flushdns

How to access a remote folder (inside DMZ) from the IIS

Go to WWW server (Einstein) and in IIS add a virtual directory in the web service that you want to acces the folder, and give the path to the folder to share. Edit the user and pass to access it.

How to add an IP to the DMZ in Firewall

Need firewall password from Marco