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The land boundary presently in the MOHID system is imposed in the form of water and mass fluxes.


In the hydrodynamic input data it's necessary to turn on the water discharge option. By default no water discharge is imposed (WATER_DISCHARGES : 0).



For each property is possible to impose a mass discharge. By default no mass discharge is imposed (DISCHARGES : 0).

     DISCHARGES     : 1 


Here's an example on how to define a river discharge. More than one river discharges can be defined. For each discharge corresponds a <begindischarge> / <enddischarge> block.

   NAME                    : Quilombo
   DESCRIPTION             : Discharge of Quilombo River (É necessário confirmar a localização)
   I_CELL                  : 142
   J_CELL                  : 92
   K_CELL                  : 1
   DATA_BASE_FILE          : ..\..\GeneralData\Discharges\Quilombo.txt
   FLOW_COLUMN             : 2
       NAME                    : salinity
       UNITS                   : psu
       DESCRIPTION             : salinity in santos
       DEFAULTVALUE            : 0.5
       NAME                    : cohesive sediment
       UNITS                   : mg/l
       DESCRIPTION             : Coehsive Sediment discharge from Quilombo river
       TIME_SERIE_COLUMN       : 3
       NAME                    : temperature
       UNITS                   : mg/l
       DESCRIPTION             : temperature discharge
       TIME_SERIE_COLUMN       : 4