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Lines items are defined by the starting point and ending point. Lines items can be stored as a collection of lines. This type of items can be used to define, for example, reaches or a coast line.

Lines file

Lines items are stored in an ASCII text file. The default extension for Lines files in MohidGIS is *.lin. This file is organized in blocks, each containing the vertices for a determined polygon. One block is defined by the following keywords: <begin_line> and <end_line>. Note that these keywords are case sensitive. One file can contain an infinite number of blocks. Inside each block there are 2 columns and 2 rows: the first row is relative to the line starting point. The second row is relative to the line ending point. The left column relates to the XX coordinates of a point and the right one to the YY coordinates.

Sample file

-9.5190   38.8148   
-9.4545   38.5699   
-9.2612   38.4098   
-9.0372   38.4686   
-9.0550   38.7375   
-9.1291   38.8921   
-9.2644   38.8792  
-9.4384   38.8438   
-9.5254   38.8373   
-9.5190   38.8148