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Makefile CCCP

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This section describes a Cross-Compiler, Cross-Platform (CCCP) makefile development methodology using the make tool from GNU, also known as gmake. The syntax to use would be:

make platform.action

(ex: make Win, make Unix.clean, etc...).


A CCCP makefile project a bunch of library, modules and program folders within a single root folder.

For each project folder

Every project folder must contain the following files:
encapsulates a list of all the folder's source-files and meta-files.
contains includes to all the actions that can be perfomed on the folder.
encapsulates the dependencies of the files within the lists defined in

Special project folders

There are two special folders, each containing special files

  1. the root folder
    is similar to Makefile, but defines PHONY targets that executes the different actions defined in the Makefiles special folder.
    contains all the necessary configuration global variables specific to the CCCP solution. Configured by the Solution administrator.
    Each user must edit this configuration file before building the solution.
  2. the Makefiles folder

The project filetree

The project makefiles distribution

The root folder must contain:

  • The Makefile (Makefile)
  • One specific makefile per platform and per compiler (ex:,, etc...)
  • An auxiliary file included in the latter (

And each module must contain:

  • The module standard Makefile (module/Makefile)
  • The dependencies file included in the latter (module/
  • The local environment variables file included in the former (module/

The makefile's global variables

The idea is to use global variables to pass arguments to the different modules makefiles. Thus, each specific platform makefile in the root folder defines these global variables. Then, it calls the modules makefiles who will use the global variables in their syntax. If a systematic approach of using global variables is implemented, then it is fairly easy to have a cross-platform makefile project implemented; and easily extended.

The Mohid Makefile Project

A sample project for Mohid2D (DEPRECATED)

Here we apply the methodology described above.


SHELL = /bin/sh

export MAKE = make
PLATCLEAN = win.clean nix.clean
PLAT = $(PLATCLEAN:.clean=)

.PHONY: default $(PLATCLEAN) $(PLAT)

	@echo Please choose your platform from:
	@echo $(PLAT).
	@echo Type "make win(.clean)" or "make nix(.clean)".

	$(MAKE) -f $ all

	$(MAKE) -f $(@:.clean=).mk clean

SHELL = /bin/sh

###### WIN Exported variables #########
export DEL = del /Q
export O = obj
export F = f90
export MOD = mod
export CC= ifort
export CCFLAGS  = -c -fpp -nologo # Debug: -g Profiling: -p
export LFLAGS   = -fpp -nologo # Profiling: -p
export AR = ar rc
export HDF5 = D:/Projectos/Mohid_v4/IntelLibs
export LIBS = \
       ../Library/Library.lib \
       ../Modulos/Modulos.lib \
       ../Boxdif_hidrodin/Boxdif_hidrodin.lib \
       ../Mohid_Base/Mohid_Base.lib \
       $(HDF5)/hdf5.lib \
       $(HDF5)/hdf5_hl.lib \
       $(HDF5)/hdf5c.lib \
       $(HDF5)/hdf5f90.lib \
       $(HDF5)/szlib.lib \
#### End of exported variables ####


SHELL = /bin/sh

###### NIX Exported variables #########
export DEL = rm
export O = o
export F = f90
export MOD = mod
export CC= ifort
export CCFLAGS  = -c -fpp -nologo # Debug: -g Profiling: -p
export LFLAGS   = -fpp -nologo # Profiling: -p
export AR = ar rc
export HDF5 = /opt/hdf5/hdf5/lib
export LIBS = \
       ../Boxdif_hidrodin/Boxdif_hidrodin.lib \
       ../Mohid_Base/Mohid_Base.lib \
       ../Modulos/Modulos.lib \
       ../Library/Library.lib \
       $(HDF5)/libhdf5_fortran.a \
       $(HDF5)/libhdf5.a \
#### End of exported variables ####


MODCLEAN = Modulos.clean Boxdif_hidrodin.clean Library.clean Mohid_Base.clean Mohid2D.clean
MODULES = $(MODCLEAN:.clean=.all)

.PHONY: all clean $(MODULES) $(MODCLEAN)

all: $(MODULES)

clean: $(MODCLEAN)

	$(MAKE) -C $(@:.all=) all

	$(MAKE) -C $(@:.clean=) clean

#Modules dependencies
Mohid2D.all: Mohid_Base Library.all
Mohid_Base.all: Boxdif_hidrodin.all
Library.all: Modulos.all


SHELL = /bin/sh 

INCS = -I../ -I$(HDF5)
SRCS = \
       ModuleGlobalData.$(F) \
       ModuleHDF5.$(F) \
       ModuleTime.$(F) \
       Module_EnterData.$(F) \
       ModuleOilSpill.$(F) \
       ModuleAppPART3D.$(F) \
       ModuleEuler.$(F) \
TARGET = Modulos.lib



OBJS = $(SRCS:.$(F)=.$(O)) 

.PHONY: all clean

all: $(TARGET)

	@$(AR) $@ $^
	@echo Finished building $@.

	@-$(DEL) *.$(O) *.$(MOD) $(TARGET)
	@echo Erased $(TARGET) files.
%.$(O) : %.$(F)
	@$(CC) $(CCFLAGS) $(INCS) $<
	@echo $* .............. [OK]



ModuleHDF5.$(O) : ModuleGlobalData.$(O)
Module_EnterData.$(O) : ModuleTime.$(O)
ModuleOilSpill.$(O) : Module_EnterData.$(O)
ModuleAppPART3D.$(O) : ModuleOilSpill.$(O)
ModuleEuler.$(O) : ../param.cmb

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