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Module DrainageNetwork

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Main Processes

Other Features

Creatig a drainage network file

  • Obtain a drainage network with program BasinDelimiter (from SourceSafe) with a basin.dat with the keywords, adapted to the study watershed:
TOPOGRAPHIC_FILE              : ..\..\GeneralData\DTM\MDT200mSD.dat
TRESHOLD_AREA                 : 100000
DELINEATE_BASIN               : 1
OUTLET_I                      : 1
OUTLET_J                      : 44
WRITE_REACHES                 : 1
REACHES_FILE                  : ..\..\GeneralData\DrainageNetwork\DrainageNetwork.dnt
  • Define the cross sections for the drainage network file in MOHID GIS

(Currently not working because keyword TERRAIN_LEVEL is not written. Check this)

  • Define the network file just created in the drainage network data file with:
NETWORK_FILE : ..\..\GeneralData\DrainageNetwork\DrainageNetwork.dnt



Data File