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Module HDF5

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Module HDF5 is an interface between Mohid Water Modelling System and HDF5 library that reads and writes matricial data into HDF5 format.

The advantages of HDF5 are that the files can store much more data, the file access is much faster and the files can be read even if the run does not reach the end.


Constructing phase

In the constructing phase the following routines must be called: - GetHDF5FileAccess - ConstructHDF5

In the /Grid group the following data should be stored: - WaterPoints3D - Bathymetry - ConnectionX - ConnectionY

Working Cycle

In the working cycle the following routines should be called: - HDF5SetSize - HDF5WriteData (for Time, ConnectionZ (SZZ), OpenPoints3D and for each property) - HDF5FlushMemory

Destructor phase

In the destructing phase the files must be closed. To do so one should call: - KillHDF5


Frequent errors are found as:

HDF5-DIAG: Error detected in HDF5 library version: 1.6.4 thread 0.  Back trace f
  #000: D:\muqun\hdf5164-release-fortran\hdf5\src\H5G.c line 297 in H5Gopen(): g
roup not found
    major(10): Symbol table layer
    minor(48): Object not found

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