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Module WaterProperties

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Module WaterProperties is the 3D eulerian transport module included in MOHID. Module WaterProperties is responsible for computing the properties evolution in the water column. To do so, this module uses other modules, responsible for specific processes like Module AdvectionDiffusion, which computes properties transport, or Module WaterQuality which is one of the three available modules to compute biogeochemical processes, and so on. MOHID is prepared to simulate properties such temperature, salinity, cohesive sediments, phytoplankton, nutrients, contaminants, etc. These properties can either be dissolved in the water, therefore following the currents, or in a particulate phase or adsorbed on to particulate matter, thus being subjected to one more transport variable: the settling velocity.



See the list of allowed properties names

Main processes

Advection Diffusion


Water density can be computed in MOHID through a variety of equations of state, depending on salt, temperature and pressure.

  • Leendertse
  • UNESCO (default option)
  • Linear
  • Mellor 1996
  • JMD
  • Constant
  • Wang

Settling velocity

Settling velocity is computed in Module FreeVerticalMovement.

Bottom fluxes

Heat fluxes

Surface fluxes


Module Discharges

Ecology and water quality

Water Quality

Module WaterQuality




Module Life


Module MacroAlgae

First order decayment

Simple filtration

Contaminants/Partition coefficients

Other features

Read solution from file

The solution of a given property can be imposed/read from a file. It can be constant or variable in time or/and space. This feature works under the Module FillMatrix capabilities.

Set minimum concentration

Data assimilation

See Relaxation and Module Assimilation.


Time series

Box integration

Maps (HDF5 format)

To write 3D results use keyword OUTPUT_TIME and define keyword:

OUTPUT_HDF           : 1

in each property that you whish to write results.

To write results only in the surface use keyword SURFACE_OUTPUT_TIME and define keyword:


in each property that you which to write results. Surface results can be written with a different frequency than the normal 3D maps.