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USB boot drive

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Booting a computer is most of the time a seamless task. However, bypassing the default OS is sometimes required in order to perform maintainance operations. To do so, resourcing to a boot disk is the common way to go. However, most modern laptops don't come with floppy drives at all! Thus, booting from a CD or from a USB pen drive seems like the obvious approach. Nevertheless, since ME that the MS OSes don't recognize the

> format X: /S

command, thus it becomes hard to create a DOS bootable CD or pen drive. Hopefully, this wiki will help you to create quickly a DOS bootable usb pen drive.


This is a How-To to create a bootable DOS USB drive.



  • Plug in an empty USB pen drive (move previously its content to a safe place);
  • Extract the win98 boot disk's files to a folder;
  • Run the HP format utility;
  • From the menu
    • select the USB pen drive,
    • select the FAT(32) filesystem,
    • check the Create a DOS startup disk option,
    • and assign the folder the containing the win98 boot disk's files;
  • Format the USB pen drive;
  • And Voilá!

NOTE: You can get your own boot disk image for other MS OSes here. You will also require the WinImage tool and this How-To.

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