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CONTINUOUS is the keyword that allows to pursue calculus from a previous run. It relies on the .fin and .fin5 files that are created at the end of each run, or at the time intervals determined by the keyword RESTART_FILE_OUTPUT_TIME. In some modules, another keyword is used: OLD.


Make sure the above keyword is placed correctly in the hydrodynamic.dat and the turbulence.dat. (Other files may be required for this. Also, in some cases, in some files this may not be required.)

  • In the Mohid GUI create a new run within the run you wish to continue. This will create a new run with an identical configuration of the previous run.
  • Edit the model.dat and change the time. Make sure the starting time matches the previous run ending time.


  • Add the following keyword to the hydrodynamic.dat and the turbulence.dat files
  • Add the following keyword to each property of the waterproperties.dat or lagrangian.dat:
OLD        : 1
  • Make sure you deactivate the SLOWSTART and the RAMP options.
  • If you're not using the GUI then add these lines to the nomfich.dat files
AIRW_INI                      : ../../Simulation/res/InterfaceWaterAir_1.fin
BOT_INI                       : ../../Simulation/res/InterfaceSedimentWater_1.fin
IN_CNDI                       : ../../Simulation/res/Hydrodynamic_1.fin
EUL_INI                       : ../../Simulation/res/WaterProperties_1.fin
TURB_INI                      : ../../Simulation/res/GOTM_1.fin


Here's the list of modules affected by this keyword

How to restart from a crashed run

  • Get the last .fin saved date in the file Error_and_Messages_x.log. It should be something like this:
WARNING    INTERNAL   Hydrodynamic restart file saved       1998: 1: 1: 0: 0: 0
  • Create a new run inside the run that has crashed with the starting time exactly like the saved .fin file.
  • Open the new run's nomfich_x.dat file and make sure that the keywords IN_CNDI, EUL_INI, BOT_INI, TURB_INI point to the previous(crashed) run .fin files.
    • IN_CNDI
    • EUL_INI (if running with water properties)
    • BOT_INI (if running with interface sediment-water properties)
    • TURB_INI(if running with GOTM turbulence module)
  • Run the new run

Advanced options

In the hydrodynamic.dat file you must take care about some options when you want to start your simulations from a previous run, namely remove all features where ramp options are used.

  • When using a ramp period for wind forcing change from WIND  : 2 to WIND  : 1 and remove keyword WIND_SMOOTH_PERIOD from the data file.
  • When using a slow start in imposing tide, i.e., if in the previous run the SLOWSTART keyword is activated then remove it from the data file.
  • When using a cold period in the Flather boundary condition, i.e. if in the previous run the FLATHER_COLD_PERIOD keyword is activated then remove it.
  • When using baroclinic ramp period, i.e. if the RAMP option was on in the previous run (RAMP  : 1) set it to RAMP  : 0. Remove keyword INERTIAL_PERIODS from the data file.

In the assimilation.dat input data file you must also remove any feature regarding ramping options. If in the previous run you're using keywords COLD_RELAX_PERIOD and COLD_ORDER then remove it from the data file.

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