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Compiling Mohid with OpenMP

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To compile Mohid with IFC using OpenMP please follow these steps:


  1. Setup a Mohid Project to compile with Intel Fortran Compiler 9.0 or higher. See more on Compiling with IFC.
  2. Update your HDF5 libraries to 1.6.5 (from SourceSafe - not yet available). Note that there are two folders: SingleThreaded (for normal applications) and MultiThreaded (to run with OpenMP)
  3. Create new configuration called OpenMP.
    1. Build -> Configuration Manager -> <New…>
    2. Copy settings from Release
  4. Edit settings for OpenMP configuration
    1. In "Fortran...General...Additional Include Libraries type the path to the MultiThreaded hdf5 library folder
    2. In Fortran/General/PreProcessor check for OpenMP Conditional Compilation. Set it to Yes.
    3. Fortran/Language/Process OpenMP Directives set to Generate Parallel Code
    4. Fortran/Libraries/Runtime Library set to MultiThreaded
    5. In Linker/General/Additional Include Libraries type the path to the MultiThreaded hdf5 library folder
    6. In Linker/Input/Additional Dependencies define the following set of lib files: hdf5.lib hdf5_f90cstub.lib hdf5_fortran_frank.lib szlib.lib zlib.lib
    7. In Linker/Input/Ignore Specific Library define libc.lib (for IFC 2005 version use libc only).


  • Get the latest version from sourcesafe.
>make nix_openmp sos
  • Build with openmp
>make nix_openmp
  • Install it to /usr/bin/mohid/
>make nix_openmp.install

Notes: - the compiler and linkage options are -openmp -parallel. - It doesn't requires multi-threaded hdf5 libraries.