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Creating a new subroutine

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In order to create a new subroutine in a module, be sure to maintain the alignment rules as well as declare it at the top of the MODULE.

Place your subroutine in the module in the correspondent part (Constructor, Selector, Modifier or Destructor).

In great majority of subroutines, variables are passed as arguments; variables are accessed from other modules and variables are local to that subroutine. Thus, one shall organize the subroutine variables declaration zone in the following way:

1) !Arguments------------------------------

Below this commented line should be declared the variables passed as arguments, by the order they are defined in the argument list;

2) !Local------------------------------------

Below this line variables which are only used inside the subroutine should be declared;

3) !Begin------------------------------------

Below this line (plus an empty line) effective source code should begin to be written;

4) !---------------------------------------------------------------------------

Between 2 subroutines there should be a separating line as below finishing in column 80: