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Current End User Agreement

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Mohid End-User License Agreement

Mohid grants to the applicant a personal, non-transferable and non-exclusive License for use to Mohid software. A designated staff will assist participants to utilize the Mohid Software within the domain of its capability.

In return, the Mohid user agrees to voluntarily submit suggestions for improvements regarding the technical capabilities of the model and its GUI. Any research work developed and published with any reference to the utilization of Mohid model should be communicated to Mohid Group. The user should have sufficient expertise and experience in numerical model applications and in Mohid scientific application areas, to insure the effective use of the Mohid Software to solve the problems within the capabilities of this model. Any liability caused by the misuse of the model, including his GUI and input data, shall be the responsibility of the user. Mohid does not provide warranty of any kind. This software cannot be used with commercial purposes. Selling, giving, lending or granting access to the software to anyone that is not bound to all of the terms and conditions of this License Agreement is prohibited.

Cooperation between Mohid developers and users is encouraged, in order to improve and/or solve any specific problem requiring capabilities not available in Mohid. This cooperation can be established without financial obligations as long as it is mutually beneficial.