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ESRI Shapefile

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How to change the shapefile projection?

It can be done with ArcMap.

  1. Add layer
  2. Data Management Tools / Projections and Transforms / Feature / Project
  3. Right click layer / Data / Export Data

In CORINE shapefiles, why can't the field Code_00 be selected as color scale in MOHID GIS?

Because it's text! It must be converted to integer, by adding a new field to the attributes table. In ArcMap:

  1. Right click layer / Open Attribute Table / Add Field /Short Integer (e.g. Code_00i)
  2. Open the dbf file with Office 2003 or Access 2007 (office 2007 doesn't allow to save as dbf IV)
  3. Copy the field to be saved as integer.

How to clip with a rectangle?