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There are several ways of running MOHID water hydrodynamics. The keyword that controls these several ways is EVOLUTION from the module Hydrodynamic file.

Here's the list of possible options for this keyword:

  1. Solve_Equations : Default value, it solves the Primitive Ocean Equations.
  2. Read_File : Reads the solution from a file
  3. No_hydrodynamic : Doesn't calculates the hydrodynamic at all
  4. Residual_hydrodynamic : ??
  5. Run_Off : ??
  6. ImposedSolution : Uses a reference solution for U, V and level.
  7. Vertical1D : Used when modelling a simple 1D vertical model. It takes into account the Ekman spiral, provided the model is forced with wind stress at the surface, or with friction at the bottom.


EVOLUTION : Vertical1D

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