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Ferret is a program that generates graphics from netcdf datasets through a command line.

Linux installation

Download the ferret files. Then follow the installation instructions. Then follow the instructions for setting up the environment variables script. Finally run the script

$ source /usr/local/ferret_paths

You can now enter ferret command line mode by typing:

$ ferret

or enter the graphical mode by typing:

$ ferret -gui

or create gif files from the command line by typing:

$ ferret -gif  
$ yes? (commands that generate a plot...)  
$ yes? FRAME/FILE=picture.gif 

Bash shell

To export the correct environment variables under bash. Copy the file /usr/local/ferret/bin/ferret_paths_bash_template to /usr/local/ferret_paths then edit it to perform the following changes:

# You may want to customize the pathname of the `ferret' directory:
export FER_DIR=/usr/local/ferret

# The environment variable FER_DSETS should be the pathname of
# the directory named `fer_dsets' you created to install the FERRET program.

# !!!! You must customize the following line:
# This directory will contain FERRET demonstration data files (30+ Mbytes)
export FER_DSETS=/home/guillaume/Projects/ferret/fer_dsets
# System Manager: Check this PATH modification for your system security.
# If you prefer not to modify PATH here you may comment out the following few
# lines and execute the file $FER_DIR/bin/install_ferret_links wich will
# create ferret links in /usr/local/bin.
export PATH="$PATH:$FER_DIR/bin"

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