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Firefox is a popular open-source web-browser from the Mozilla foundation. It is remarkable for its extensions and plug-ins, all developed by the surrounding community.

Some really useful extensions

  • Google Browser Sync: developed by Google. This extension allows to synchronize the Firefox (bookmarks, history, cookies, opened tabs and saved passwords) by storing the configuration online in a Google account.
  • Google Gears: developed by Google. This extension allows dedicated web-apps to go offline. One example is Google Reader. Now you can work offline with your web-app. And when you're done, you simply go online and synchronize.
  • This extension integrates seamlessly your bookmarks with your account. Works well for shortcuts too.
  • Google notebook: developed by Google. Embeds seamlessly the notebook service provided by google for online storage of notes and text snippets. The only way of actually using this tool.

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