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Fortran crash course

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Following the 1st workshop in Mohid programming, it became apparent that a crash course in fortran 95 for beginners in programming is required. To allow the most flexibility, the course will be composed of daily one-hour classes during seven days. This course will precede a more advanced course in programming in MOHID. The classes are lectured in portuguese.


  • Local: Sala de reuniões do Maretec,
  • Hour: 10:00-11:0017:00-18:00,
  • Dates: 26th-28th May, 31st May-2nd June, 7th-9th June.
  • Requirements: Participants are expected to register for the totality of the course. Participants are expected to bring their own laptops with wifi access to the eduroam network and to have installed Visual Studio 2008 and Intel Fortran.


NOTE: the program is constantly changed, adapted and improved to meet the availability of most of the registered MARETEC staff and the needs of a first course in fortran 95.

  1. 26th May, Introdução: Como funciona um computador, E. Jauch
  2. 27th May, Introdução à programação, G. Riflet
  3. 28th May, Introdução à programação II, G.Riflet
  4. 31st May, Data type, E. Jauch
  5. 1st June, Estruturas de controle, G. RifletE. Jauch
  6. 14th June, Estruturas de controle II, Funções/subrotinas, G. RifletE. Jauch
  7. 15th June, Alocação de memória, G. Riflet
  8. 17th June, Alocação de memória, parte II, G. Riflet
  9. 18th June, Módulos/Type/sobrecarga, G.Riflet
  10. 22nd June, Tipos e módulos, parte II, G.Riflet
  11. 2nd July , Tipos: listas ligadas, G. Riflet
  12. 5th July, Interfaces, G. Riflet
  13. 6th July, Debugging & boas práticas, G. Riflet


  • Guillaume Riflet
  • Eduardo Jauch
  • Carina Almeida
  • Francisco Campuzano
  • Andreia
  • Hilda
  • Cláudia Viegas
  • Madalena Santos

Study material




  • Guillaume Riflet, guillaume dot maretec at
  • Eduardo Jauch, eduardo dot jauch at