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Goto is a <goto>mediawiki extension</goto> and a useful <goto>keymark</goto> for searching <goto>Google</goto> using the Feeling Lucky option. It's great when you're lazy and just want the obvious first search result linked from your string.

Goto for your wiki


  1. Copy the goto.php extension in the extensions/goto.php of your <goto>mediawiki</goto> installation.
  2. Append the following couple of lines at the end of your wiki's LocaSettings.php file:
#Google "feeling lucky" linking extension

That's it!


Simply embed the search snippet using the <goto> tag in your wiki:

<goto>goto for your wiki</goto>             <goto>goto for your wiki</goto>

Goto for your browser


Drag the following link to your bookmarks, edit its properties and put goto as a keyword or as a shortcut. Now from the address bar, you'll be able to search while feeling lucky.


From the browser address bar type:

> goto place search query here
> goto google
> goto reader
> goto gmail
> goto gcalendar
> goto youtube
> goto flickr

External references

  • <goto>Google feeling lucky</goto>