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IncrementSizeOfStack batchfile is used to determine the minimum stacksize to run a mohid application. It will test a list of possible stack sizes. When the MOHID is running smoothly, a functional stacksize was found and written in the lastStackSize.txt file.


> IncrementSizeOfStack.bat MOHIDWater_x64_release_double_27-03-2011.exe

Once the MOHID application is running and a working stacksize was found, open the file lastStackSize.txt to get the value.


Download here the batch file code and the indexes.txt file and extract it to the exe folder of your MOHID application.

Batch file code

@echo off
REM IncrementSizeOfStack.bat
REM ARG1 %1 is for example "MohidWater_x64_release_double_27-03-2011.exe"
set MOHID=%1
for /F %%i in (indexes.txt) do (
        editbin /STACK:%%i000000 %MOHID%
        @echo %%i000000 > lastStackSize.txt

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