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Install SWAT interface

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SWAT interface runs as an extension of ArcView or MapWindow. This means that to run SWAT interface you need to install any of the softwares.

ArcView Installation Steps

SWAT interface also needs Arcview Spatial Analyst functions, for the Watershed Delineation and Landuse and Soil Definition components. You can read more details on SWAT interface on AVSWAT.

  • Install Arcview 3.1 or higher (\\Kepler\Software\AVSWAT-X\Step_1 or get it from ArcView CD)
  • Install Arcview extensions: 3D Analyst, Network Analyst, Spatial Analyst (\\Kepler\Software\AVSWAT-X\Step_2 or get it from ArcView CD)
  • Install AvSWAT-X (\\Kepler\Software\AVSWAT-X\Step_3 or get it from the site AVSWAT)
    • Unzip the
    • Double click the Start.apr project file or use ArcView to open it (do NOT run the instalation file AVSWATX.msi).
    • The opening project starts the AVSWATX Install Wizard driving through the remainder of the installation process.
    • When prompt for the target of this application, select preferable the "Only for me option"
    • Once the installation is complete, open a new-empty ArcView session (do NOT use a working project with Tables or Views in it), select the menu File, menu item Extensions, select “AVSWATX Extendable”, and press the OK button. Note: Avoid setting the extension as default (i.e. do NOT check the Make Default Option).
    • The main interface dialog will be displayed. Continue creating a new project (New Project ) or opening a previous one (Open Project ) identified by the file extension .avsx.

MapWindow Installation Steps

MapWindow is an open source Geographical Information System that is free to download. The SWAT version for this GIS is called MWSWAT and can be downloaded from the Waterbase website along with other sofware.

  • Install the 32-bit MapWindow version (\\kepler\Software\MapWindow or get it from the site MapWindow)
  • Install MWSWAT (\\kepler\Software\MWSWAT or get it from the site Waterbase)
  • Install the SWAT Editor 2005 v.2.1.5 (\\kepler\Software\MWSWAT, also available from the SWAT website).

From the Waterbase site also can be downloaded two more pieces of software:

  • SWATPlot is a tool to extract output from SWAT runs. Together with its companion tool SWATGraph you can quickly visualise your data.
  • MWAGNPS is an interface to the AGricultural Non-Point Source pollution model (AGNPS). It is a distributed model that simulates agricultural watersheds for a single storm event assuming uniform precipitation patterns. It performs estimates of runoff quality with primary emphasis on nutrients, pesticides and sediments.

Before using, the next files have to be replaced with the ones in \\kepler\Software\MWSWAT\

- MapWinGeoProc.dll located in the MapWindow installation folder (i.e. C:\Program Files\MapWindow)
- CreateHRU.dll     located in the subfolder ..\Plugins\MWSWAT
- MWSWAT.dll        located in the subfolder ..\Plugins\MWSWAT

For 64 Bit machines, the SWAT editor needs to be forced to run as a 32 Bit application. In order to
achieve it, copy in the folder where the swatEditor.exe is located the program corflags.exe and run
the following line:

corflags swatEditor.exe /32BIT+

The corflags.exe file it is included in the Microsoft® .NET Framework and the version I used was 
v3.5.21022.8. This will solve the problem of compatibility with the database OLEDB.4.0.