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JoinTimeSeries is a MOHID support tool designed to join several time series files in a single file.

Input file

It is needed to define a text file with the name JoinTimeSeries.dat where the input and output files names and location should be defined.

OUT_FILE                      : ... (path/name of output file with the joined time series data)
DT                            : ... (time interval between data, in seconds)
ADD_MODEL_DT                  : ... (time used for adjustement, in seconds)
WRITE_RESIDUALS               : 0/1 (residual appearance in time series: 0 = appears not, 1 = 

NAME                          : ... (path/name of the time series data file to be joined)


OUT_FILE                      : BoiaFunchalLevel2B_WQHDF.dat
DT                            : 86410
ADD_MODEL_DT                  : 10
WRITE_RESIDUALS               : 0

NAME                          : .\Run1\BoiaFunchal.srw

NAME                          : .\Run2\BoiaFunchal.srw