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M_map is an extension for Matlab that allows to create georeferenced map figures with coastlines with several resolutions from the gshhs database.

Basic Installation

Checkout the M_Map User's Guide

Gshhs Coastlines Installation

Coastlines from the gshhs database are ready to be downloaded and installed and used by m_map. But a few tweaks are required in order for them to work properly with m_map. Here's what was done:

  1. Go to
  2. Get and uncompress any or all of the files gshhs_c.b.gz, gshhs_l.b.gz, gshhs_i.b.gz and/or gshhs_h.b.gz (search for version 1.2 in the oldversions folder) in the main installation folder of m_map (usually found in the Matlab/toolbox directory).
  3. Then you MUST edit the FILNAME settings in m_gshhs_c.m, m_gshhs_l.m, m_gshhs_i.m, m_gshhs_h.m and/or m_gshhs_f.m and remove the private/ directory; just keep the filename. The files will be found because during the m_map installation, the m_map directory was already added to the Matlab PATH environment.

Now all the gshhs multiple resolution coastlines can be used.

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