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Maretec Management

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Maretec Management

The MARETEC database

It is of the responsibility and duty of each one, to bring up to date the database. Therefore, if somebody writes an article or a report, or makes a presentation (in conferences or meetings of projects), is of its responsibility to add that item to the database. In order to add, remove or edit items to the database, it can be located at \\Einstein\Databases_forInternet with the name MaretecManagement.mdb. The items registered in the database should be also placed in \\Einstein\DataServer, where subdirectories can be found: PublicData and PrivateData. The former is for public information (publications, software, thesis...)that can be accessed from the outside of the Maretec network, and the PrivateData that correspond to project reports, manuals, presentations, etc and that are confidential and internal to the group.

The MARETEC bibliography

After publishing any paper, conference paper, book chapter or book please take a little time to update the Maretec Bibliography. The database consists in a document located in the Other tools SourceSafe database in the folder Publicações Maretec.