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This chapter explains which meteorological data we have available. Currently there are 2 meteorological models running operationally for Portugal (MM5 and WRF). The higher operational spatial resolution is 9 km but 3km are already being tested. MM5 3 day forecasts for Portugal are published on There is also available forecasts and analysis from the global model GFS which are used for initial and boundary conditions for MM5, WRF and recently WWIII. There is also a database of meteorological observations (surface and upperair).


MM5 meteorological surface forecasts are automatically being delivered to MARETEC in MOHID-HDF5 format. This section explains where are the HDF5 files. For other time periods and/or variables, or if you see that there is some file missing or has problems, please email me! (

System Operational Configuration

MM5 is running 4 time per day (00,06,12,18 h UTC) producing 3 days forecasts with 3 spatial nested domains: D1 with 81 km resolution, D2 with 27 km and D3 with 9 km ( These simulation were using GFS grib1 (1º resolution, which is ~80 km at our latitudes). Since August 2007, only 2 domains are simulated (D2 with 27 km and D3 with 9 km) because MM5 uses GFS grib2 output (0.5º resolution, which is ~40 km at our latitudes). Also, since XXX 7 days forecasts are produced four times per day.

Where are the HDF5 files?

Recent files can be found in (meteoIST:mm5) where:

  1. stored in \\alexandria\public\modelos\Meteo_IST\mm5_6h
    • Each file has the 2nd 6 hours of simulation. When glued, you can have a combination of the most recent available forecast.
    • simulation 00h : files have outputs from 7:00 to 12:00
    • simulation 06h : files have outputs from 13:00 to 18:00
    • simulation 12h : files have outputs from 19:00 to 00:00
    • simulation 18h : files have outputs from 1:00 to 6:00
  2. stored in \\alexandria\public\modelos\Meteo_IST\mm5_7d
    • Simulation 00h with 7 days forecasts. This is only delivered at Friday's to run MOHID Portuguese Coast Operational Model.
  3. (not being stored)
    • Four daily simulations with 3 days forecasts.

References to MM5-IST configuration

  • Sousa, T., Domingos, J. (2002) Previsão Meteorológica em Portugal Continental utilizando o modelo operacional e de investigação MM5. Dissertação para obtenção do Grau de Mestre em Ecologia, Gestão e Modelação dos Recursos Marinhos, Instituto Superior Técnico, 150pp. [1]
  • Rodrigo's Msc thesis has a chapter on validation of MM5 forecasts for Guia
  • Riflet, G.; Leitão, P.C.; Trancoso, A.R.; Canas,A.; Fernandes, L.; Fernandes, R.; Garcia, A.C.; Mateus, M.; Neves, R.J. (2007). Assessing the quality of a pre-operational model for the portuguese coast. Geophysical Research Abstracts, Vol. 9, 09979, European Geosciences Union, 15 – 20 April, Vienna, Austria

Maretec archive

MM5 forecasts

Here's the unexhaustive list of MM5 data outputs in hdf5 at Maretec data servers. There are three type of domains: D1 (~90 km), D2 (~30 km) and D3 (~10 km). However the domains changed during 2006/2007 and so there are the new D1, D2, D3 and the old D1, D2, D3.

  • 20060601 - 20061020:
    • D1, D2, D3 \\alexandria\public\modelos\Meteo_IST\mm5_7d\7d_old
  • 20061020 - 20061124:
    • D1, D2, D3 \\alexandria\public\modelos\Meteo_IST\mm5_3d
  • 20061124 - 20061201:
    • D2 \\alexandria\public\modelos\Meteo_IST\mm5_7d
  • 20061201 - 20070103:
    • D2 \\alexandria\public\modelos\Meteo_IST\mm5_7d
    • D3 \\alexandria\public\modelos\Meteo_IST\Dezembro2006
  • 20070103 - 20070706:
    • D2 \\alexandria\public\modelos\Meteo_IST\mm5_7d
  • 20070706 - 20080509:
    • D2, D3 \\alexandria\public\modelos\Meteo_IST\mm5_7d

GFS wind files

  1. \\alexandria\public\modelos\Meteo_IST\GFS\
    • Daily 1 day wind forecasts(from 0h00 to 21h00) from GFS model covering the North Atlantic
  2. \\alexandria\public\modelos\Meteo_IST\GFS\latest\
    • Daily 7 days wind forecasts from GFS model covering the North Atlantic

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