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ModuleNETCDF is an interface module between the netcdf libraries and Mohid Framework, and it was developed in order to read and write netcdf files in a managed and straighforward way.

Using ModuleNETCDF to write a netcdf file

Here is the steps to be taken in order to write a new netcdf file.

Ask for access code to create a new file


Create a new instance of ModuleNETCDF

call subroutine ConstructNETCDF (ObjNCDFID, FileName, Access, STAT)

Write netcdf file header (CF-1.0)

call NETCDFWriteHeader(NCDFID, Title, Convention, Version, History, &
                       iDate, Source, Institution, References, STAT)

Write temporal dimension

call NETCDFWriteTime(NCDFID, InitialDate, nInstants, Times, STAT)

Write spatial dimension

call NETCDFSetDimensions (NCDFID, IUB, JUB, KUB, STAT)
call NETCDFWriteLatLon(NCDFID, Lat, Lon, Lat_Stag, Lon_Stag, GeoCoordinates, STAT)

Write data

call NETCDFWriteData(NCDFID, Name, LongName, StandardName, Units, &
                     ValidMin, ValidMax, MinValue, MaxValue,      &
                     OutputNumber, ARRAY*, STAT)
ARRAY can be 2D or 3D and integer or real (single or double precision)