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Mapping variables


All points where the Bathymetry > -55.


All points where ComputeFaces2D%U(i, j, k) + ComputeFaces2D%U(i, j+1, k) + ComputeFaces2D%V(i, j, k) + ComputeFaces2D%V(i+1, j, k) > 0


All points where the Bathymetry < -90.


All points which are WaterPoints2D at the limit of the domain and WaterPoints2D close to Bathymetry points with a value of -80.


All points where:

  • -90 < Bathymetry < -55
  • I = Size%ILB or I = Size%IUB
  • J = Size%JLB or J = Size%JUB


All faces which, which simultaneously:

  • on both sides have Waterpoints
  • at least one of the Waterpoints have a waterlevel above H_Min
  • are NO face between boundary points


All faces which Exterior Faces of open boundary points and faces between boundary points and points of the bathymetry with the value of -80.


All faces which have in one side a interior point and in another a boundary point

IMin(:), IMax(:)

Using these arrays it is possible to make:

  • DO I = IMin(J), IMax(J)
  • IMin is the first grid point with water
  • IMax is the last grid point with water