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MohidWater is the software that runs the Mohid Water modeling tool. Designed in an Object Oriented fashion, it's composed of integrated modules. Here's MohidWater modular structure.

Installing MohidWater

  1. Download the Mohid Water Modelling System here. Just remember to register first.
  2. Install it by running the installation software (win XP).

Linux platforms

If you're using Linux, you can send an e-mail to asking for source files package. Refer to *NIX_platforms on how to build it and install it.

How to setup a simulation

To setup a simulation one should follow the right methodology:

You will probably need to use the following tools:

  • Mohid GIS, to create bathymetries, tidal gauges and other horizontal fields.
  • Mohid GUI, to graphically create and configure simulations and runs.

Also you will need to configure an extensive list of configuration files:

External References