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Outwatch sorter

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Batch file utility that sorts Outwatches logs by decreasing order of Module cpu-elapsed time.

$ Outwatch_sorter.bat Outwatch_2.txt
$ Outwatch_sortall.bat



@echo off

REM Every Outwatch* file gets sorted and stored under the filename Sorted_Outwatch*.
for /F %%i in ('dir /B Outwatch*.txt') do @Outwatch_sorter.bat %%i > Sorted_%%~ni.txt

@echo on


@echo off

REM Get an unsorted list of modules stacked in the log.
cat %FIL% | gawk '{print $1}' | gsort | uniq > modulelist.tmp

REM Create a list of the modules highest times.
for /F %%i in (modulelist.tmp) do ( cat %FIL% | grep %%i | gsort -r -k3 | head -n 1 >> besttimeslist.tmp )

REM Get a list of modules stacked in the log, sorted by decreasing highest cpu-time elapsed.
cat besttimeslist.tmp | gsort -r -k3 | gawk '{print $1}' | uniq > sortedmodulelist.tmp

cat sortedmodulelist.tmp
echo " "

REM For each module present in the log, sort by decreasing cpu-time elapsed.
for /F %%i in (sortedmodulelist.tmp) do ( cat %FIL% | grep %%i | gsort -r -k3 >> moduletimes.tmp )

cat moduletimes.tmp

del sortedmodulelist.tmp
del besttimeslist.tmp
del moduletimes.tmp
del modulelist.tmp
@echo on