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Is is possible to profile code compiled with the Intel Fortran compiler using gprof [1]. Intel Fortran's current release (9.1) requires Linux to generate profiling information.

Quick dive

To generate profiling information follow these steps:

  1. ifort -p foo.F90 -o foo
  2. ./foo
  3. gprof foo

The first step will generate a executable with profiling information. At the end of the second step a file named gmon.out will be writen alongside the executable file; this file contains the profiling information generated during the program run. The third step screens the profile.

Note: the -p option must be issued both to compile and link the program.

Profiling Mohid

To profile Mohid open the Makefiles used on *NIX platforms. Find variable CC in every makefile and replace "ifort" with "ifort -p". make clean, make and execute Mohid. At the end of the run a file named gmon.out will be created in the executable's folder. Explore gmon.out issuing the command gprof Mohid.

Usefull links

NCSA [2].

GNU prof [3].