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Statistics about uploaded file types. This only includes the most recent version of a file. Old or deleted versions of files are excluded.

Bitmap images

MIME typePossible extensionsNumber of filesCombined size
image/png.png, .apng118 (49.4%)8,872,457 bytes (8.46 MB; 60.5%)
image/jpeg.jpeg, .jpg, .jpe96 (40.2%)5,097,911 bytes (4.86 MB; 34.7%)
image/gif.gif25 (10.5%)702,830 bytes (686 KB; 4.79%)

Total file size for this section: 14,673,198 bytes (13.99 MB; 100%).

All files

Total file size for all files: 14,673,198 bytes (13.99 MB).