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Syndication technology allows internauts to keep track of changes of webpages in a single page or application (such as a webbrowser). Two main standards have rose, RSS and ATOM, both of which are widely used.

RSS/ATOM aggregator

An aggregator is an application that runs on the server side which keeps tracks of changes of a given set of webpages and produces a feed.


A feed is an http-accessible XML file using the RSS or ATOM schema and contains information concerning the latest changes of a set of webpages.

RSS/ATOM reader

A reader is an application that runs on the user side and reads all the feeds which the user subscribed to. This wiki also reads rss feeds.

RSS and Wiki

This wiki provides rss feeds for new articles and recent changes! Go to the special pages and click on the feed icon. And voilá! You just subscribed your browser to the new pages!

This wiki also reads rss feeds.

Example of readers are:

  • the favorite bars of web browsers such as internet explorer or firefox,
  • google reader.