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Copyrighting and licensing Mohid Water Modelling System

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Mohid Water Modelling System is currently undergoing its licensing process. The first step towards this goal is to copyright it.

The second and most important one will be its release to the public domain under a free software license. The adoption of a particular license requires a balance between what the public will be entitled to do with the Mohid source code and the obligation of its users.

The aim of the MARETEC (IST) group is to release the Mohid source code in a way that:

  • software based on Mohid's foundations must be public and freely available to everyone in general and to MARETEC in particular;
  • developers interested in marine and limnology modelation will be able to contribute back their work to the Mohid system.

GPL, [1], is the most likely candidate license to be chosen. To license a program a reference to the license must be included at the top of every source code files.

The executable should also have a reference to the GPL license (Runtime short notice).

Current End User Agreement.