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Nx nomachine

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Accessing Einstein via remote desktop from a Nomachine remote session to the Dual_64 workstation. And all this from a windows computer within MARETEC domain.

Nx allows remote desktop services. It is ultra-fast. The opensource version is freenx.

Installation on linux

Install these rpm packages following the sequence:

  1. Install the nx linux client,
  2. Install the nx node client,
  3. Install the nx linux server.

Installation on Windows

Run this windows installer:

  1. Install the nx windows client,

Accessing Dual_64

From the windows start panel:

Start->NX client for windows->NX client for windows

Type Dual_64 on session and type your login for the Dual_64 workstation. If you don't have a login then you need to create one for you. Call the Dual_64 workstation administrator for that.

NX windows client login session splash screen.

Then click on Configure and choose the GNOME desktop. Save the configuration, login and you're on!

NX windows client login configure form.


NOTE: The free version of the nx server only allows 2 users and 2 concurrent connections! Currently the 2 users are fedora and guillaume.

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