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Opera is a free, fast, efficient web-browser. It possesses advanced options such as custom search engines (which allow to perfom POSTs). Other interesting options are the Opera slideshow.

Some features:

  • custom search engines
  • shortcuts
  • email client
  • contacts manager
  • feeds manager
  • downloads manager
  • slideshow
  • widgets repository

Its process will stay below the 180MB slice of memory.

Opera syncing method in windows


  • An svn client,
  • A web-based svn repository.

Step 1

  • Create a new svn repository somewhere on the web (I use google code),
  • Import your profile files. Here's an extensible list:
    • search.ini
    • speeddial.ini
    • opera6.adr
    • contacts.adr
    • notes.adr
    • opcacert6.dat
    • opcert6.dat

Step 2

Now, instead of running Opera from the start menu icon, run a batch file that will checkout the opera profile files with the web-based repo before running Opera. And after closing Opera, the batch file will commit the files back on the repo.

Here's a batch file that allows to sync your opera profile.

REM OperaSync2.bat
@echo off

set TARGET=C:\Documents and Settings\Guillaume\Application Data\Opera\Opera\profile
set PROG=Opera
set EXEC=C:\Programas\Opera\%PROG%.exe
set REPO=
set USER=

echo Checking out from %REPO% ...
svn checkout %REPO% "%TARGET%" --username %USER%
echo %PROG% running ...
echo Commiting to %REPO% ...
svn commit -m --force-log "%TARGET%"
echo Done.

@echo on

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