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Subversion is the hottest version control system available in the free world.

The Mohid subversion repositories

Intranet repositories addresses

The intranet repository is deprecated and should not be used anymore... See instead codeplex.

Internet (read-only) repositories addresses

The official repository is at the Codeplex.

GUI clients

To quickly download the code please install a gui client. Choose your flavour:

  • RapidSvn, very similar environment to source-safe, for windows, linux and mac.
  • TortoiseSvn, elegantly inserts itself into your windows explorer environment (windows only).


to get the code from the command line. Useful when building scripts...

Importing new tree

Do this when you want to kick-start a new google code project ...

> svn import --username USER -m "Initial import"

Checkout project

> svn checkout myproject --username USER

Get latest version

First retrieval:

> svn checkout someproject

Routine retrieval:

> svn update someproject

Commiting project

> svn commit -m "Some comment" --force-log someproject

Listing files in project

> svn ls -R

More commands

Syncing method

Svn can be used in very inventive ways. One of them is to use google code hosting services to keep your favorite tools' configuration files. Here below we give an example of how to keep in-sync your Opera profile.


  • An svn client,
  • A web-based svn repository.


Here's a batch file that allows to sync your opera profile. The same batch file is a little bit more detailed in the Opera article in this wiki.

REM OperaSync2.bat
@echo off

set TARGET=C:\Documents and Settings\Guillaume\Application Data\Opera\Opera\profile
set PROG=Opera
set EXEC=C:\Programas\Opera\%PROG%.exe
set REPO=
set USER=

echo Checking out from %REPO% ...
svn checkout %REPO% "%TARGET%" --username %USER%
echo %PROG% running ...
echo Commiting to %REPO% ...
svn commit -m --force-log "%TARGET%"
echo Done.

@echo on

NOTE: The first time you run the file, you'll be prompted for a password.

Installing svn server in linux

> sudo yum install subversion tracd

External References

Mohid subversion workshop documents