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Software to run Mohid

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In order to run Mohid you need the following software

System requirements

  • Windows XP or Windows Vista or Windows 7 (not your operating system of choice?)
  • 1 GB ram (2 GB recommended)
  • Hardware graphical accelerator
  • 250 MB of free hard-disk space is the bare minimum. >10 GB, or more, of free disk space is recommended. (Depending on the modeler's goals, results could require 50 MB of free disk space, but results could also require 500 GB of free disk space).
  • Internet access (for documentation and support)

WORD OF CAUTION: For MOHID GIS to work correctly, you need to configure the windows settings so that the decimal separator be a point. For example: 4.1516 is correct but 4,1516 is incorrect. If the separator isn't a point, then importing data files into MOHID GIS may yield errors.

WORD OF CAUTION2: Google earth must show coordinates in decimal degrees.


  • DOT Net framework
  • Office web components

Download MOHID package

MohidWater primer

  • Download and uncompress the ConvertToXyz program.
  • Download and store the ETOPO2V2 bathymetry data in raw binary format, cell centered, little-endian.
  • Download and uncompress the Mohid-Tide program.
  • Download and store the Fes2004 tide solution. Data access, fes2004, tide, tide.fes2004.nce.


Once you downloaded and installed everything above, you can read the following tutorials.

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